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Learn 5 Reasons Why Doing Business In Rhode Island Is A Great Idea

When you decide to start a business, you open the door to the possibility of influencing if not controlling your destiny. The potential for wealth is certainly there, but a million decisions have to be made along the way. One of the biggest is where to base your business. If you have the kind of company that is not by nature tied down to a particular locality, then keep reading to learn five reasons why doing business in Rhode Island is a very good idea.

1) The location is phenomenal: Most average citizens probably could not point out Rhode Island on a map, and even the ones that know roughly where it is might need a magnifying glass. However, Rhode Island is in a perfect position to have relatively quick access to the Boston and New York City metropolitan areas. Daily commutes to those cities from Rhode Island would be a bit cumbersome, but positioning your business here gives you proximity to both major cities without their fixed costs of living or real estate prices. Some might argue that neighboring Connecticut could also do that, but given that it’s proving to be a growing suburb of the Big Apple, the costs of living or operating a business there are going up fast.

2) Access to the wealthy is easy: If your company focuses on truly high-end consumers and clientele, then it is not enough to have easy access to Boston and New York. You need to be able to reach them where they are. Rhode Island has even quicker access to the stomping grounds of the rich, such as Martha’s Vineyard, Nantucket, and the Hamptons of Long Island.

3) You can save on payroll while still having an experienced workforce: Regardless of the skills, education and experience you need in your employees, Rhode Island has a talent pool of the best and brightest minds. While many are locals, others are those that have transplanted from Boston, New York, and other places driven here by the small town feel most of Rhode Island has as well as the affordability compared to their hometowns. Standards of living are still really nice here, but you don’t have to pay your employees as much as you would in Manhattan just for them to have a decent life.

4) International connections are not hard: Rhode Island certainly does not sit on the Canadian border, but Toronto and Montreal are short flights, so if you want to expand internationally, you have logical places to start close to home. London is only a few hours across the Atlantic, opening up connections to Europe and the larger world.

5) Rhode Island makes for easy phone hours: Depending on the estimate or definition, a quarter to a third of the American population is on the Atlantic Seaboard, with over half the nation’s population residing in the Eastern Standard or Central time zones. Putting your main customer service center in Rhode Island means you are within an hour of the schedule of the majority of your clients.

Now that you know, five reasons why doing business in Rhode Island is a good idea.  Consider a visiting this Rhode Island junk car website to get a sense of how businesses thrive.

Junk Car Websites Are Great Resources For Finding A Buyer

When selling a junk car, you know you’re going to get a nice stack of cash, but you’re also aware that there are limitations. It’s not like you’re going to get the inflated prices people pay when a car is running. However, that’s not the only thing on your mind. While I’ve personally dealt with these junk car companies before and have had pleasant experiences for the most part, have you ever called one and found out that they don’t want your vehicle?

It’s not like that would put too much of a hold on your search, but at the same time, you still want to know that the companies you’re looking up on the web take all types of vehicles. That’s why you should look for that statement on the website in some respect. They might say something along the lines of they take any car or any make and model. The condition of a vehicle also matters to some businesses, so you want to be sure that they take cars in any condition.

One thing I noticed that as interesting was that some of these sites have quite a vast area of the country they cover. For example, this one site doesn’t just take any vehicle, but it takes any vehicle in the entire country. That means they have some layered operation online and offline where they truly do take every car but have some exchange with other parties. Either that or they do individually own posts around the country strategically located where they can make a buck picking up any car.

That sounds like some steel investor trying to save the steel industry or something or a car manufacturer that is recycling. I’m sure it all trickles down somehow, but either way, the right junk car website will provide you with all kinds of online options. You can certainly contact many of them online. If you reach a local site for an entirely local operation, you might have to call them. However, that may be how you want to handle things.

The picture I painted a minute ago about the national operations does have its advantages. However, you need to get quotes from different types of services anyway. That is what sounds like a plan to me because I would have it in the back of my mind that the large commercial operations might pay less. I could be wrong, though, and I’ve only dealt with smaller, local operations before, and it was years ago.

It was actually before everyone was going online to find these types of businesses. Again, the junk car websites are full of so many resources that can help you figure out who you want to call at least. Then you can get a quote for your junk vehicle without any more hassle at all. It sounds easy enough, especially compared to the experiences I told you about that were all thanks to using the good old-fashioned Yellow Pages.

How To Donate Junk Cars

Donating to a charity is a worthy cause, and donating a car is worthier still. When you donate junk cars to a charity, you are helping someone directly with your generosity. This how-to guide by LA Junk Car Systems will tell you the necessary facts regarding how to donate junk cars to a charity of your choice.

Make sure that the Car is usable Just because the car is junk does not mean that it should not be usable. In many cases, charities will sell your junk cars to raise cash for their expenses, in other cases, they may continue to use the donated vehicle. In either case, make sure that you get your car in a state where it is not entirely junk.

Get Tax Deductions

Just like any other donation, the gift of a car to properly registered charity will entitle you to get a tax deduction from your government tax agency, such as IRS in the USA. When you select the charity, make sure that the charity is registered, so that you can get your tax deduction.

Car donation comes under non-cash, which for IRS requires filling the section A or B of tax form 8283. You have to fill section A if the value of your junk car is more than $500 but less than $5000, and part B if it is more than $5000.

How to Know the Value of your Car

You can check the value of your junk car on online appraisal sites such as Kelley Blue Book available at Another popular service for junk car appraisal is Black Book USA at Donate to a Charity of your ChoiceTo get the most bang for your donation, make sure that you give to a worthy and needy charity. is the premier sites to find out about such donating cars for Americans. The site makes sure that all the 400+ charities available stand as 501-C3 non-profit charities, which ensures that you get a tax deduction when you donate junk cars.

If you use some other service to choose the charity of your choice, make sure that the charity in question is a non-profit charity with tax status 501-C3 or the appropriate governing tax status of your country. Deliver the car yourselfOnce you have selected the charity; it is a good idea to take another charitable step and make sure that the charity gets your car without having to pay for its delivery. To this end, you can either deliver the vehicle yourself or pay for the cost of the delivery. Because this is also a form of non-cash charity, you can get a tax deduction on this service too.

Keep the Receipts When you donate junk cars, and file for tax donation for that year, you should keep all the records about the transaction for later review. When the charity sells the car for its cash value, and receives more than $500 for it, it must tell you the selling price of the car for your reference. You will then get a tax deduction on that sale price of the car. You must keep that receipt too, along with other records of the transaction.

As someone who wants to donate to charity, you are already on the right path of public service. With these tips, I hope your path is made even easier.